What Is Special Class Bicycle Holiday

Although cycling holidays can mean different things to everyone, what they have in common is being on a bike and a holiday. Most of us think that Cycling holidays are for hardcore road cyclists wanting to conquer the World on two wheels. But the truth is cycling holidays are for anyone, anywhere Compared to driving or walking, cycling can allow you to experience more of your holiday destination. Either stay in one place to delve deeper into what makes that destination unique, or do a point-to-point to conquer more and discover whatever on your way and around by bike. And while doing that let Bicycleturkey arrange everything for you to travel elegantly.

What does Special Class Bicycle tour mean? It means many things, from fine dining experiences, to best lodgings, exclusive excursions and fully supported trips with exceptional places. It would be fair to say that all luxury tours have comfort in mind so even if you’ve chosen a tour with a good amount of biking during the day, you could still be spending your evenings in the best hotels, in delightfully sumptuous surroundings, preparing and relaxing for the next day’s events.

Sounds exciting right? We think so too! Let’s look at the details to see what makes our tours “Special Class”.

Bicycleturkey offers you well equipped e-bikes (electronic bikes) for you to hoop up the hills easily or if you are a trained cyclist we also offer cross bike options. We arrange guided tours for you. Alternatively, if you wish to ride alone, we offer best routes with descriptions and handy tips. Our technical personnel will always be around to give you a hand in case you need any.

The best part is; since you did your share of exercising you can spoil yourself with gourmet tastes without having to worry about calories.

Our tours can be romantic or even self-indulgent. The beauty of a special class cycling tour is that it allows focus on your trip, your partner, your cycling, yourself, and really relax. Focusing on the ‘best’ is really the essence of the all our tours. From showcasing the best views, alliance with the best accommodation and some of the best experiences to be had in a given region, special class tours are single-minded in their determination to offer only the best to you.

What do you think; are you ready to pamper yourself with this active and special holiday?

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